KapCon 23 (2014)

  • No Choice, Pal by Alasdair Sinclair (SDC winner) - a Night's Black Agents scenario. Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial Share Alike 4.0 Licence
  • The Signal by Marcus Bone - an EPOCH scenario of a world gone mad.
  • Patchwork by Stephanie Pegg - a story-game for people who like to fidget. Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 3.0 Licence
  • Death on the streets by Alasdair Sinclair - a prohibition-era EPOCH scenario.

KapCon 22 (2013)

  • Mansfield With Monsters (off-site link) by Donna Giltrap (SDC winner) - a 13-player LARP set in an alternate version of post World War I Wellington, based on the book of the same name.
  • Succession by Alasdair Sinclair - an underworld drama for 3-4 players, using the Mountain Witch system.
  • The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon by Jenni Sands - a supernatural romance LARP for 19 players and 3-4 crew.
  • Bad Family by Steve Hickey - an rpg about a dysfunctional animated sit-com family.

KapCon 21 (2012)

KapCon 20 (2011)

Kapcon 19 (2010)

Kapcon 18 (2009)

Kapcon 17 (2008)

Kapcon 16 (2007)

Kapcon 15 (2006)

  • The Frog Princess, by Luke Walker (SDC Winner) - A richly detailed fantasy game
  • I Know, Right? by Jenni Sands (Runner up) - A game that explores the difficulties of life as a teenage girl
  • Bleeding Hearts by Donna Giltrap - An over-the-top medical soap
  • In a Darkened Room by Paul Wilson - A horror-comedy mystery game
  • Focus Group by Matt Cowens - A modern game set at a TV station focus group

Kapcon 14 (2005)

Kapcon 13 (2004)

  • The Millers Children by Donna Giltrap (SDC Winner) - A tense Little Fears horror scenario
  • To Live and Die in Japan by Matt Cowens - A modern day horror game following gaijin (foreigner) English teachers in Japan. d20 Modern system.
  • Mumford Hall by Matt Cowens - A horror game set in a University, using the Buffy the Vampire Slayer system.

Kapcon 12 (2003)

  • Amnesia by Matt Cowens (SDC Winner) - A simple, elegant mystery game
  • Gilman House by Donna Giltrap - A modern day university student game with a twist
  • Land of the Rising Dead by Matt and Debbie Cowens - A classic 1920's era Call of Cthluhu scenario, set in Japan
  • Pre-Millenium Tension by Richard Love - An apocalyptic modern mystery scenario

Kapcon 11 (2002)

  • The Tower by Richard Love (SDC Winner) - An at-times comedic fantasy scenario with a twist
  • Archmage's Crown by Donna Giltrap - A race to gain the crown in a fantasy tower
  • City H'Pahkt by Luke Walker - A Tribe 8 game with some very unusual characters